Are Tata Cars Safer And More Reliable Than The Previous One?

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Are Tata Cars Safer, Tata Cars have been creating a steady buzz in the Indian automobile sector with its range of reliable and safe cars. The company got trending in the news when its highly anticipated Altroz scored a perfect 5-star rating in the NCAP global ratings.

It was welcome news considering the number of on-road fatalities that occur every day on Indian roads. The debate of rising fatalities due to inadequate safety features and Tata cars scoring impressively on the safety ratings has brought a shift in the psyche of the Indian automobile consumers.

Today, a potential buyer is no more just looking at the mileage; they want to know about the safety features and various tech features which enhance the overall driving experience. It is tech innovation and safety which is steadily becoming a vital parameter for the consumers to make up their mind regarding the purchase.

So, what are these Tata cars safety features which make them so popular among the consumers?

Tata Car Features That Make It Reliable And Safe

These features range from tech innovation to engineering solutions and installing the necessary equipment to minimize the impact. These include:

Tata Car Features That Make It Reliable And Safe
Tata Car Features That Make It Reliable And Safe

Dual Airbags

To ensure the safety of the people sitting in the front, you have two airbags. Both the driver and the person sitting next get the safety of airbags. So, irrespective of the severity of the collision, the airbags absorb the impact to minimize the injury.

Rear Parking Camera

Park like a professional with a rear parking camera. No need to ask the passerby or any other individual to guide you. Keep your vehicle safe from bumps and scratches with a proper view provided by the parking camera.

Anti-locking Braking system with EBD and CSC

Panic braking not only causes the car to skid but lose its direction as well. With the Anti-locking braking system which is supplemented with EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution) and Corner Safety Control, the driver can keep control of the vehicle without bumping into another vehicle or footpath.

Energy Absorbing Body structure

All the Tata cars are built on an energy-absorbing body structure. The design along with reliable metal ensures that the impact of a collision is minimized for the safety of the passengers.

The above-mentioned are the prominent set of safety features available in Tata cars across the segment. However, based on trim and the respective segment, you are sure to find another set of nifty features that make your drive all the way more secure and hassle-free. Besides, the above, “Follow me home lamps” which illuminate once the driver approaches or leaves the car, and “Speed sensitive auto door locking” feature are a great addition that offers a sense of security for the car owner.

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Tata safety car features are in sync with safety and innovation. From Altroz, Tiago, Tigor to Nexa and others, Tata is setting up benchmarks to lead the competition. It was in 2018, that the company got the 5-star rating with Tata Nexon and set the tone for future aspirations. The answer to “if Tata cars are reliable and safe from previous models,” is yes. Every car manufacturer upgrades its car models to be in sync with changing trends and available technology. Consumers play a vital role in defining future upgrades. Tata with its focus on safety has given a reliable option to its audience to be sure of their safety.

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