16 Most Important Tips To Aware Fraud Packers And Movers

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If you search for the best packers and movers, you should be aware of moving company frauds and scams. If you are not aware, that’s a very big problem for you because the increasing numbers of frauds and scam cases performed by fraudulent moving companies have created a panic situation for the people who have shifting plans.

We all know summer is the busiest time for the packers and movers companies in India because most transfers happen in summers.

As a moving process involves expensive items of people, there is a lot of care and caution which needs to be taken while hiring any moving company for it.

Unfortunately, Relocation process is a hectic task, and when you trap by some rogue packers and movers, it turns into a nightmare.

Avoid Fraud Packers And Movers

In some cases, usually they target customers by offering low budget services. They also committed to provide services at the lowest price in the market. Innocent customer gets traped and finalizes the service.

Now, they started our cheat plans and demanding for more money before delivery of goods, and in case you denied they started threaten you for not delivery of goods if not get more money.

If you have moving plans this summer, you are at the right place because we have created some important tips on avoiding fraud packers and movers. This article is specially designed for you, so read this article carefully and smooth your moving plans by hiring genuine packers and movers.

So, how to verify packers and movers companies…

1. Verified All the Legal Documents

Suppose you are planning to hire reliable packers and movers, or you are in the middle of the process of short list a moving company for your relocation. In that case, please check the company’s legal documents such as GST registration certificate, company incorporation certificate and pan card of the company, etc.

2. Always Hire IBA Approved Packers & Movers

Why are you wasting your time on the internet or asking your friends when you can easily hire IBA Approved packers and movers in India.

3. Pay A Visit To Their Physical Office

Always hire a company that has a properly registered office address. And visits to the office of packers and movers and clears all your doubts in your mind. You can also observe their facilities and how they treated our customers.

4. Avoid! Cash Payments

Be aware that the movers and packers companies ask for cash payments before the move. If you pay large cash deposit, then hire possibilities they run away with your money.

5. Always Ask Moving Quotes in Writing OR Email

It is your right to ask the moving quotes in writing. It will save you any hidden charges by your moving company later in the shifting process. The written moving estimate will bind you and the company together in the fair obligations of services.

6. Check Website of Packers & Movers

Before making any commitment with packers and movers you should check their website. Search their website by physical address or phone number is correct if you don’t find the proper information, then they might be fraud packers and movers company.

7. Negative Review and Rating

Another best way to identify the fraud packers and movers company is checking their Google reviews posted by last served clients. There are lots of online websites they provide you good information against the fake packers and movers company.

8. Beware Any Kind of Hidden Charges

Always ask for a genuine invoice from your packers and movers at the time of finalizing the deal with them. Ensure there will be no extra charges to be paid in the future to them apart from the amount mentioned in the final invoice. Because in the invoice is the binding estimate about the entire shifting process and saves you from any hidden packers and movers charges.

9. Know Your Rights

One of the best ways on how to avoid frauds by packers and movers is to know about your own rights. Before shifting take a copy of the rights and responsibilities from the service providers whom you have hired. If anything goes wrong, you can go for insurance claim, and hence you should know about the process of claiming insurance and amount that you are insured for.

10. Door To Door Service

Most of the trusted and verified packers and movers offer door to door shifting service. But there is an issue in that sometime, movers may just skip mentioning this and then what happens is so irritating. They unload your goods on the highway and ask you to arrange for local transportation or they may ask for absurd amounts to deliver your goods to your home.

11. Recommendations from your friends, relatives & colleagues

But make sure the people you are asking for recommendations have moved in the past. Since you know them, they will never misguide you. But don’t forget to cross-check the credentials of the moving companies.

12. Say big no to “low-budget” Fraudsters

You know well that the lowest estimate can be a big trap. Fraud moving companies often use this technique to cheat innocent customers. Beware of low-budget estimates movers.

13. Low-Quality Materials

More often than not, dishonest movers and packers provide the lowest price estimate to grab the business. But to reduce the moving cost, they use very low-quality packing materials and supplies. They load the goods on the truck. Such a type of moving can be risky as chances of damages of goods in the transit are high.

14. No insurance coverage

Fraud packers and movers impose an extra charge as the name of the insurance service. But actually, they don’t insure your goods for transport and keep the money.

15. Avoid Detailed Discussions over Phone

The telephonic conversation is the most initial part of hiring reliable and professional packers and movers. But, it is advisable never to make any decisions over a phone call. A face-to-face conversation with the companies professional will give you a better idea about their services and observe them in a detailed manner. If possible, ask for the moving quotes in writing.

16. Don’t Confuse on Similar Brand Name

Fraud movers and packers established their business to cheat people often opt names for their companies, which sounds exactly similar to a famous brand. Therefore, it becomes essential to thoroughly check the company’s background before hiring them for your move. And always always check their company documents.

Let’s talks about something serious…

How To Take Legal Action Against Fraud Packers And Movers

First Step is Peaceful Resolution

  • First, try to resolve the issue peacefully with the company. Check your agreement properly and go through all the terms and conditions mentioned. Depending on the issue, contact the moving companies to file the complaint. Their management will take necessary action and compensate you for your lost/damaged goods. If they denied you can file legal complaints against him.
  • You can raise the issue online by writing a review about the company because, in today’s digital world, a negative review can have a bad impact on any company.

What Legal Action To Take

  • If in case your peaceful resolution doesn’t work, take legal actions against the packing company. Gather all your paperwork like bills, cost quotes, insurance, contract, inventory, etc. Collect all your legitimate evidence to support your claim, ex: pictures of your goods before and after delivery, etc.
  • Fill in the CONSUMER COMPLAINT form, to claim for your losses under ‘Section 12‘of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 (CPA).
  • There are consumer cells as well where cases can be solved with the help of mediation also which is very beneficial these days.
  • It is clearly stated by the consumer court that the packers and movers company are a part of services under this act and one can approach the consumer courts to get the remedies.
  • If you are not satisfied with the consumer court’s decision, you can also file a separate civil suit in the court of law by filing an FIR under Section 421 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), under FRAUD.
  • If you are not satisfied, by the way, consumer court works or are not satisfied with the decision of the court; you can file a separate civil suit in the court of law. You can hire an advocate and send a legal notice to the company, and then the proceedings will be held in court. You can also file a consumer complaint and a case in a court of law at the same time. There is no bar to it.

Precautions & Final Conclusion

As it is rightly said that precaution is always better than care, few precautions can be taken before hiring a packers and movers company:

  • Always hire a registered company.
  • Complete background checks of the company.
  • Read the terms and conditions of the contract carefully.

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