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Car Transportation Services

Car transportation services are very useful if you want to shift your car to another city and sometimes even in the same town. You cannot think of shifting it on your own so easily. Driving the Car for such long-distance is tiring and risky too.

You can see a lot of excellent and reliable car transportation companies on our website, which is verified and ready to provide you service at a low price. We will also tell you what you should do while choosing a car transportation service provider on www.call2shift. In, what are the benefits of hiring car shifting services and how to reach them?

Car Transportation Services In India

1. Picking up and checking service - Car transportation services check the condition of your Car before transporting them to another city and record them. After this, they tally the points they have already checked before transporting the Car. This gives assurance from their side that they take responsibility for every minor safety of your shifted Car.

2. Shifting of the Car to any distance and remote area - Car Transportation services in India take your Car to any long distance you wish to shift it. They can even shift your Car to a remote area of the country, without any damage.

3. Insurance - Car transportation services provide insurance to your Car because of which you will not be responsible for paying for the replacement or repair of the Car if any accident of transporting a truck happens in a worst-case scenario. So, because of this facility, you don’t have to worry about the damage during the shifting.

4. Availability of large trucks and Number of Drivers - There are many trucks and skilful drivers who are accessible very quickly if we hire any car transportation services in India. They have knowledge and training of years for driving to large distances on time and safely.

5. You can track the path of your shifting Car - Transportation services providers nowadays also provide live tracking provision by which you can know the present location of your shifting Car.

6. Door to door service - Car shifting services provide Door to door service to their customers which saves their time and energy they may have to spend if this facility would not be there.

Complete Guide How To Hire Transportation Services

Find them in the market - You can personally reach out to right packers and movers or transportation companies in the market. Be sure that the company you are looking for is having a nice reputation among its competitors or not.

Check through the internet - Google for the best transportation services present in your region and contact all of them. Choose the one who provides the type of assistance you need under budget.

Hire Any Transportation Consultancy Firm - Nowadays many transportation firms are present there in the market who know some best packers and movers for car shifting. They act as a medium and guide you to the finest packers and movers according to your requirement. They take full responsibility for shifting your car safe from the starting point until the Car reaches its destination place. Consultancy services make you choose the quotations of best packers and movers. Also, they provide you with some discount from the transportation provider or packers and movers you are selecting for your work.

Customer Testimonials Of Car Transportation in India

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Dinesh Kumawat
From Lucknow, India
Date - 07-10-2020

I am Dinesh, and I wanted to shift my Car from Delhi to Lucknow. I didn’t know much about the shifting of cars, or how to do it. Through my fans' advice, I hired XYZ packers and movers, and it worked out for me. Since my first experience was so good, I will never hesitate to take packers and movers services for shifting my vehicle further in the future.

Jay Singh
From Chennai, India
Date - 08-10-2020

I am Jay, and I wanted to shift my Car from Delhi to Chennai as I was shifting there because of my transfer by the company where I work. I can drive the Car to some short distance but driving such long-distance was very tough for me to do. So I hired XYZ packers and movers. They took my Car to Chennai, and because of them, I did not face any tiredness.

Rohini Jain
From Delhi, India
Date - 11-10-2020

I am Rohini, and I wanted to shift my Car from Delhi to Kolkata as I was shifting my home there. Although, I know driving in the city streets, to a short distance but it was difficult for me to drive the car on highways. By searching through the market, I found XYZ packers and movers and hired them. As they are the competent players in this field, they shifted my Car very nicely without any damage.

Neha Kakkar
From Mumbai, Rajasthan India
Date - 12-10-2020

It was getting very difficult for me to find the correct help for shifting my Car from Mumbai to Bangalore. Through the internet, I found some transportation consultancy services, which guided me to get the best packers and movers according to my choice. It really worked out so good for me as I had left nothing to do after their help.

Our FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions About Car Trasnportation Service

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The average cost of hiring transportation services for car shifting?

Car shifting’s average cost in India are as following:-

  • Upto 400KM it's Rs.3,000-5,000.

  • For 400-800 KM it’s Rs.4,000-7,000.

  • For 800-1300 KM it’s Rs.5,000-9,000.

  • For 1300-1900 KM it’s Rs.6000-10,000.
Is it really trustworthy to hire Car transportation service?
How to check the quotes provided by the transportation services in India?
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