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You often face situations when you do not want to shift your belongings to the new place and want it to be stored safely someplace for many different reasons. When you get a project of some months in a different country, you would not want to take all your belongings there because you know you eventually have to come home.

But no one wants to pay rent just for their putting goods in the house and your goods may get covered with dust and get damaged when you come back. In such situations, you generally think of finding a place where you can store all your belongings so that you can take them back when you want.

After facing such a problem, the first thought that will come to your mind is shifting your goods to a friend’s or relative’s place, but it is not a good idea because it can cause trouble to them.

But wait, we have a perfect solution to your problem, and that is you can take storage shifting services in India from the packers and movers near your house. If you do not know what these services are, then let us tell you.

What are storage shifting services?

Nowadays, to solve the problem of storage of your goods while you are not present due to some of the other reasons professional packers and movers have distinct storage places to store your goods properly.

They will come to your place and help you pack everything. Then, they will take your belongings and store them securely at their storage places. They will handle all your things nicely, and you do not need to worry about your stuff as they will be in the right hands.

Advantages of taking storage shifting services from packers and movers:

Damage prevention: Professional and reliable packing and moving companies will not only come to pick your goods to take them to the storage, but also they will pack all the things with the help of the advanced packing equipment. They will pack the items in such a way that they will not get damaged during the move. They also take inventory of the things that they put in the storage and note down the state of everything to detect any damage afterward.

Your goods are more secure: Packers and movers do their best to keep your goods safe during the move and in the storage. They know the exact techniques to do this task. You will get your stuff as it is just like what you have seen while sending them to storage.

Climate control storage units: The problem with storage units is that they are not climate-controlled. The temperature fluctuations can even damage your stuff badly. The professional packers and movers take the responsibility of keeping your belongings in the storage cells that are climatic controlled.

How does call2shift help you?

Many packing and moving companies in the market provide storage shifting services, but that does mean that they all are good. Yes, it is good that you have many options to choose the one, but on the other hand, this makes your task of choosing a perfect one for yourself, which provides quality services, even tougher. You cannot hire any company randomly for such an important task.

If you do not have any prior knowledge about selecting the best company, then we have got you covered. Our work is to connect you with excellent companies in this field and have good reliability and credibility. Not only storage shifting services, but we also suggest packers and mover for all types of services from cargo shifting services to house shifting services.

We have already shortlisted the best companies that provide storage shifting services all over India. You just need to tell us your pick up location, and then we will look for the companies providing service near you.

After getting the names of the companies from our list, we will get free quotes from them and compare them to suggest the top choices for you. This way, you will get the perfect company for yourself. Also, you need not worry about the charges. We would also help you in finalizing the deal at the best possible price.

Storage and warehousing charges

Storage and warehouse shifting is somewhat similar to local shifting. They will come, pack your items, and take them to the storage facility.

The cost of packing and transportation is the same as the local shifting services, and the charges you have to pay for the storage facility depends on the number of your goods and the number of days you want to put your things in the storage facility. It ranges between RS. 50 to Rs. 200 per day. Also, you have to pay for two way transportation.

Customer Reviews About Storage Shifting Services
Ajeet Singh
From California
Date - 28-10-2020

I got a project in California two years ago and the duration of that project was one year. I did not want to pay rent for my house here in India just for putting my stuff. I was very worried about this thing and did not have any solution but finally, my friend Ashi told me about the storage shifting services of packers and movers. I took the help of call2shift for getting the names of the best companies providing these services and hired United Art Packers and they did a great job.

Pardeep Dagar
From Patna, India
Date - 29-10-2020

Crown Relocation provides the best storage shifting services in India. I took their services one year ago when I had to put my goods in the storage facility because of some reason. They have storage places having climate control facilities which prevent the goods from the damages due to changing conditions. Also, I got back my stuff as it is as I left and this made me happy and stress-free. I would not think twice before hiring them in the future.

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Do packers and movers also do packing when we take storage shifting services?

Yes, you can also get packing service from them while taking storage shifting charges.

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Do I have to pay GST for taking storage shifting GST?
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