Acceptance of Terms

The user coming on the website should check for the terms and conditions provided on our terms and conditions section. After reading and accepting the terms and conditions which the company wishes you to follow go for availing your services. If you do not find the information present here relevant according to your need you should not go for further exploration of the website. These terms and conditions are here to keep you and the service provider on the same ground and making you aware of the facility you may get or not through the company.

General services

You can access the website and avail of the general facility provided by the company. But you cannot use it for your promotion whether it's commercial or non-commercial. Once you agree to the terms and conditions mentioned below you will be legally authorized to go utilize the assistance of the website and in case any illegal activity or issue happens it will be disputable.

Some of the points to follow:-

  • You cannot change any information present on the website and copy the content, or reproduce it. This will be fraud under a copyright claim.

  • Do not damage the content in any way.

  • Without the company’s permission, you cannot use any password-protected material authorized for the professional handler of the website.

  • Take written permission from the company for accessing that content.

Content On The Website

The company provider has the right to access and check all the content, images, text, video on the website. Where it's of their own or the user uploads it. And if a user uploads something they will be responsible for any type of exploitation that may happen due to some wrong person visiting their account. Also do not add any inappropriate content which can violate any cyber law and third-party rights.


The content and every information present on the website of the company is copyright by the company under the supervision of other enrolling companies. The content of the website cannot be copied, reproduced, transmitted, or distributed to any place for its own benefit. This will be totally against the law and conditions defined by the government for the copyright claim section.

Things to be looked upon

You cannot get into the privacy section of the website and change any of the terms and conditions according to your benefit. Only licensed users have permission to check out this privacy section.

Valid User

Only a registered member of the website can have access to a certain part of it, the one who has a particular correct email address and password match. Non registered users can only access some restricted part of the website which gives the general motive of the company’s services. You cannot enter the parts provided to registered users only by any unfair means. We have the right to remove and terminate once account forever if we find it illegal.

Informing Us

You should immediately mail us if you find any breaching signals on your account. That is why it is your additional responsibility to take care of your password. You will never blame us if any unauthorized user takes over your account. You will give correct details of you while registering. You shall not use any robot, spider, scrappers, etc.

Additional Point

Your acceptance that you will be responsible and check if you are ok with any future changes in the terms and conditions, copyright, or any restriction on a particular part of the website. It will never be our responsibility to make you go through the terms and conditions if we change them this will be your own duty to do so.

False Feedback

Giving any unacceptable, inappropriate and false feedback on the website to reduce the customer trust on the company’s services and creating the wrong impression for the kind of assistance provided by the company in the eyes of new users, the one checks out the feedback section for getting reviews of the previous customers. With this company can file Lose of value cases on the fraud person doing invalid marketing. Also, sending threatening messages to any customer and service professional handling the website will be considered as a punishable offense.

Negative Publicity

One should not do any negative publicity by copying or by changing its content. If anyone does this they will have to pay the consequences according to their wrong deed under cyber laws.

Disclaimer Warranty

The company does not give a warranty of content whether it is having good and correct information for the user. They are not responsible for the accuracy of the content that it's correct or not.